May. 18th, 2017 05:44 pm
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So I saw the surgeon I was referred to. Turns out she's not a gynecologist; she's a gyne-oncologist. After an exam she talked to me about the robot-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy I'd be getting barring any complications. During the discussion she mentioned that not only were all the works going--uterus, tubes and ovaries-but also that they would be biopsying the uterus while I was still under so if they needed to remove the lymph nodes in the groin they'd be able to do that too.

Pre-cancerous my ass. Sounds to me like I have cancer.

I listened to all the instructions, got the paperwork for the pre-op tests I'll need and realized by the time I got out to my car that I was angry. Really Angry. Because a year ago I'd been asking for a hysterectomy and was told that an ablation was all I needed. And I accepted that, and it didn't work and now here I am, scared, angry and about to face another birthday recovering from surgery.

I could let it fester, but I won't. It's done and I'm dealing with what I need to deal with right now. Other people have bigger problems, harder situations, more desperate circumstances. I'm so damned lucky to have insurance, a loving family and a summer off. I KNOW this.

So when it comes to making a choice, I'm choosing to tackle this head on and keep moving in the right direction.


Apr. 23rd, 2017 10:35 am
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Looking at a hysterectomy. I'll be getting another call from the doctor this week and we'll discuss scheduling it sometime in the next six weeks or so.

I feel relieved, to be honest. I knew something wasn't right with the constant bleeding, and getting justification for that from the doctor does help me feel better about this choice. She wanted to give me options for treatment but at 56, I'm not planning on any further pregnancies and I'd sure as heck like to have the hot flashes over with.

Still, I've mentioned before about being aware that this change of life moves me from Mother to Wise Woman now, and between the grey hair and the wrinkles I'm living up to the status. Am I still a fangirl? Yep. Am I still enthusiastic about books and superheroes and bad puns and the Sims? Yep.

I just add a little more flare to it all, I guess!


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