Apr. 23rd, 2017 10:35 am
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Looking at a hysterectomy. I'll be getting another call from the doctor this week and we'll discuss scheduling it sometime in the next six weeks or so.

I feel relieved, to be honest. I knew something wasn't right with the constant bleeding, and getting justification for that from the doctor does help me feel better about this choice. She wanted to give me options for treatment but at 56, I'm not planning on any further pregnancies and I'd sure as heck like to have the hot flashes over with.

Still, I've mentioned before about being aware that this change of life moves me from Mother to Wise Woman now, and between the grey hair and the wrinkles I'm living up to the status. Am I still a fangirl? Yep. Am I still enthusiastic about books and superheroes and bad puns and the Sims? Yep.

I just add a little more flare to it all, I guess!
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I had the biopsy on Monday. Today the doctor called and wants to see me tomorrow. Apparently I have atypical complex hyperplasia, which is sort of doctor-speak for 'pre-cancerous endometrial layer in the uterus that has a good chance of going cancerous'

So tomorrow I'm fairly sure we'll be discussing a hysterectomy. It's something I've been considering, but it's different when it's no longer elective but imperative, *sigh*

I thought I'd take my mind off it by going to Starbucks for one of their Unicorn Frappichinos but they were out. *pout*


Apr. 17th, 2017 11:43 am
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So, back from the biopsy---owwwww. That was not an experience I care to repeat anytime soon. Not super painful but certainly not fun.

In the course of going over the blood work I had prior to this, though, the gynecologist asked if I was diabetic. I'm not, but she pointed to a number: 5.8, and said it was higher than what was considered normal, and suggested I follow up with my regular doctor.

Diabetes? To be honest I wouldn't be surprised because I'm obese, but it's not something that runs in my family and because I know nothing about the disease I'm spooked. I've contacted my GM so we'll see what she says but at this point I'm thinking "NOW what?"

Nice start to my spring break! :P


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