He did it!

Jun. 15th, 2017 07:11 am
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It's official:

Younger Son has graduated High School!

I'm sure it will sink in later but at the moment I'm still so stunned---where the hell did the time go? This kid went from being a a little potato in a bassinet into a tall, confident young man strutting along in his cap and gown along with about a thousand other students.

He's got his challenges ahead, sure---being on the spectrum is one in itself, as is starting community college and getting a driver's license. But he's got talent too. At his IEP, his Art teacher said he was one of the few students she's ever had that she knows could make a career in Art. He's bright and opinionated and a little full of himself at the moment but he sort of deserves that too right now.

I'm so damned proud. I love both my boys and I feel just a little bit accomplished myself in making sure they've got the basics now. Where they go from here, who can say, but that's what life is about--finding your way.



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