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So I have an appointment to meet the surgeon--yet another hoop in the process of getting this surgery done. Anyone else get to the point of wanting to grab a melon-baller and doing it yourself?

The appointment is May 18th--nearly twenty days from now. I'm pissed because I know the surgeon will probably schedule me for some further tests, like an EKG, and that means more delays. Honestly, I'd hoped to have this done before the start of summer and now it's looking more and more like mid-summer, which sucks for a lot of reasons.

And this surgeon is a gyno-oncologist, which puts a little more dread into the proceedings right there.

On a happier note I've put three manuscripts through Createspace and will be getting the proofs soon, so if you ever wanted a great fantasy adventure with centaurs, or an urban fantasy about a grocery store, or even a re-print of my first book about the romance of a speedster and a shape-changer, they'll be available soon, kindle or print. Even if you don't buy one, check out the covers and laugh at the author's photo!

Titles are:

The Guard of Mindar
Crow Foods
Argent Vite

More when I know more.
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