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Just finished watching the new episode of Doctor Who and have great hopes for the new companion, Bill. Hubby and I agree that Capaldi works best with a non-romantic companion and she's got that terrific Donna Noble 'buddy' vibe along with the 'don't put up with BS' sense to her, so yeah.

I'm sorry it's going to be Capaldi's last season; I think he's done wonders with the role, regardless of the quality of the scripts. He's got humor and flair and melancholy and well, those eyebrows. I've always felt that the Doctor had to be larger than life around the edges in a way that younger actors couldn't always carry off full-time.

Still, the new season looks promising and I plan on watching. :)

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Date: 2017-04-16 09:19 pm (UTC)
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I was a little ambivalent about Bill at first, finding the story of 'fatting' the woman by overfeeding her chips kinda strange, and struggling with her accent. But she grew on me and I think she'll be really good. I really like Capaldi as the doctor and am sorry that he's going. Time seems so fast!


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